CWC Radio Films

CWC NBA LOGO TransWhen I was a kid, I dreamed of making movies, TV shows, cartoons, and radio shows.  At times I would borrow my parent’s friend’s VHS camera and experiment with making short movies.  In the summer of 2005 I had the opportunity to make a film for the a course I teach at Bethel University called Christianity and Western Culture.  The quality of our film making was decidedly…not good   But I was hooked and have been making (usually) bad videos ever since.

I am also very interested in interviews and oral history as the basis for films.  I am a huge fan of the documentaries of Errol Morris.  His 1997 film Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control is my absolute favorite.  In the Spring 2018, I will be on sabbatical and am planning a big oral history film project.  This site will be the home of a few of the bigger projects that are near and dear to my heart.  I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination.  In truth, I usually don’t really know what I am doing.  My goal is to just try to make today’s video better than yesterdays.

If you want to see my YouTube channel, feel free.  But I must warn you.  It is – by intention – not a neatly curated space.  It more closely resembles rummaging through boxes of tapes and reels of film in someone’s digital basement.  You’ll find a bunch of worthless junk there, but you might uncover an interesting gem as well.  All of that is in the eye of beholder.

If you want to contact me, I can be found at


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